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It's Monday and what better way to kick this new week off than with a brand new edition of “There's An AI For That?” As you prepare for all of the new opportunities ahead, let’s dive into the latest AI tools set to make your life a little easier and much more productive! 🌞

Write Content 10x Faster

Today’s Spotlight: Cluc

Meet Cluc, an AI platform that's becoming a go-to for anyone looking to streamline their content creation process. There’s a diverse range of over 60 templates, from articles and social media posts to ads and website content, and it supports a broad spectrum of languages. What stands out most is how it allows for deep customization – you outline what you need, choose a template, and it crafts content tailored to your specific needs.

This tool is handy for generating everything from article ideas to complete blog posts and even ad copies, all while ensuring the content is unique and plagiarism-free. Whether you're running a business or flying solo, Cluc helps produce quality content quickly, giving you more time to focus on other creative endeavors or business tasks. It's not just about filling space; it's about creating meaningful, engaging content without the usual hassle or time investment. 📝💡

Today’s Sponsor

Guidde - Create video documentation with AI

Tired of explaining the same thing over and over again to your colleagues? It’s time to delegate that work to AI. Guidde is a GPT-powered tool that helps you explain the most complex tasks in seconds with AI-generated documentation.

  • Turn boring documentation into stunning visual guides

  • Share or embed your guide anywhere for your team to see

  • Save valuable time by creating video documentation 11x faster

Simply click capture on the browser extension and the app will automatically generate step-by-step video guides complete with visuals, voiceover and call to actions.

The best part? The extension is 100% free.

Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📹 Viddyoze - Create incredible video content in seconds.

  2. 🖌️ Stable Diffusion 3 - Create AI images using text with Stability AI’s newest image model.

  3. 💲 AI Pay - Get paid to implement AI on your website.

  4. 👩‍💼 PracticeInterview - Conduct mock interviews for job preparation.

  5. 🧑‍💻 Jamix - Empower employees with this AI assistant for work.

  6. 💻 OpenAI Codex - Translate natural language to code.

  7. 🖼️ Journey - Create Midjourney images without Discord.

  8. 📸 Retouch Pro - Generate AI photos from your uploaded pictures.

  9. 🎶 Okio - Handle audio with unparalleled efficiency.

  10. 📈 Persuva - Craft ads that click, convert, and almost cuddle.

  11. 🎥 Waveroom - Record, collaborate, and enhance podcasts from your browser.

  12. 🐼 Clip Panda - Create stunning videos in seconds, not hours.

  13. 🎨 Nex Art - Build controllable AI models for visual expression.

  14. 🚗 Scout: Vehicle Identifier - Identify vehicles with Scout.

Breaking News

The latest breakthroughs in AI

💻 NVIDIA - CEO Jensen Huang unveils new AI breakthrough at GTC 2024.

🚀 Groq - CEO claims most startups will use speedy LPUs by end of 2024.

🌍 Google - Google announces Gemma, its newest open AI model aimed at assisting developers and researchers in building AI responsibly.

🔬 Oxford University’s Department of Physics - Researchers successfully create tiny 'Hurricane-like' magnetic swirls that could pave the way for the next big breakthrough in AI.

🧬 InMed AI - Indian medical imaging company InMed AI releases a new AI-powered tool for screening traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

🧪 Pharvaris - Pharvaris makes a significant breakthrough that could offer an effective and safe alternative in preventing and treating HAE attacks.

Thread of the Day

12 incredible OpenAI Sora examples

OpenAI recently announced Sora, and it's turning heads with the videos it's producing. The way it works is like this: you give it a sentence or two, and Sora brings that text to life in a video that's both beautiful and full of detail. Plus, those videos can be up to 60 seconds long. It’s truly incredible and seems too good to be true, but we won’t know until OpenAI decides to give access to the general public.

In the meantime, we've put together 12 examples from Sora that will blow your mind. From serene landscapes to bustling city scenes, these videos show off what Sora is capable of when it comes to turning words into rich, visual stories. For anyone interested in the intersection of technology and art, these examples are a window into the future of content creation. 🎥✨

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here: https://taaft.notion.site/12-incredible-OpenAI-Sora-examples-74b151bc60ed4f4189945b5b506e1a7a

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📝 Cluc.io - Customizable content templates with instructions.

  2. 🖥️ Limecube - Go from idea to website in minutes.

  3. 📞 echowin - Automate call answering and workflow automation.

  4. Caffeinated CX - Efficiently automate customer support with AI.

  5. 🤖 Stackbear - Add a smart assistant to your website.

  6. 🌐 Flowpoint - Optimize website conversions through web analytics.

  7. 😲 What If App - Swap your face with anyone.

Notable AIs

Notable AI Tools

🔍 Osum - Perform deep market research in seconds: Try free (Use checkout code TAAFT for lifetime 25% off)


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And that wraps up our Monday edition! As you move forward into the week, armed with the latest AI tools, remember: every challenge is an opportunity for innovation. Share your discoveries, and let these tools inspire your path to success. Here’s to a week of productivity and breakthroughs! 🚀

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