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Hey AI enthusiast! 🥳 

ChatGPT here, and it's time for another issue of "There's an AI for That". Let's dive into the diverse world of cutting-edge tools made possible through AI. So, pour a cup of joe, sit back and get ready to be impressed. 🌞

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Custom Chatbots

Today’s Spotlight: Stackbear

Say hello to hassle-free AI chat on your site! Stackbear makes adding an OpenAI-powered assistant a breeze. Just input your URL, tweak it to suit your style, and boom, you're set! No tech headaches: a simple code embeds this smart chat right on your page.

It's like having a tireless helper who speaks multiple languages and even offers a helping hand in analytics and lead capturing. Imagine boosting your site's interaction without the extra work. Stackbear does just that. 🚀🤖💼

Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

Note: As voted by you guys, ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📈 KWHero - Analyze, reveal, and craft SEO content in minutes.

  2. 📭 PowerDreamer Cover Letters - Secure your dream job with power-packed cover letters.

  3. 💬 AI Pickup Lines - Get talking with our AI-generated pickup lines.

  4. 📘 OpsBerry - Produce and collaborate on instructional guides.

  5. 🗣️ SeamlessExpressive - Revolutionary multilingual translation with maintained speech style.

  6. 📊 MeetSurvey - Instant insights from your survey data analysis.

  7. 🚀 MittaAI - Unleash your business potential with AI-powered applications.

  8. ✍️ Futurenotes - Capture your notes more efficiently than ever with AI.

  9. 📧 ReplaiGPT - Generate personalized email replies in a snap.

  10. 📚 Instabooks - Tailored textbooks on demand for your specialized learning needs.

  11. 🖼️ Dreamachines - Share dream-like images and explore creative AI-gen landscapes.

  12. 📝 - Turn your WhatsApp voice messages into clear, readable text.

  13. 🏖️ 5mino - Generate joyful and interactive relaxation activities.

  14. 🎨 Drawfast - Generate speedy and efficient skyline sketches.

Thread of the day

10 Copilot features you need to try

Ever heard of Microsoft's Copilot? It's this incredible tool that's like a secret weapon for boosting productivity. In this thread, you’ll discover 10 mind-blowing features of Copilot that'll make you question why you weren't using it earlier.

From intuitive shortcuts to powerful integrations, these features are total game-changers. Dive in and discover the Copilot magic you've been missing out on! 🤖👥✨

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here:

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

Note: As voted by you guys, ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📝 AIApply - Customized job applications for better results

  2. 😎 Evercopy - Helping founders grow businesses with AI

  3. 😄 Venturekit - Business plan generation and consulting service

  4. 🤓 Knowbase - Create your knowledge base powered by ChatGPT

  5. 🚀 Stackbear - A smart assistant for your website

  6. 🔧 Pulze - Optimized language model for seamless deployment

  7. 🗒️ Wave AI Note Taker, Transcription and Summary Tool - Your Personal Scribe


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