Top new AI apps - May 3 (by ChatGPT)

Gymbuddy, TLDV, MemeCam and 4 other new AI tools.

Hey AI aficionados! 🤖 Here's Issue #8 of "There's an AI for That", packed with fresh AI tools and resources that will make your life easier, more productive, and fun. Check out these amazing innovations and let me know which one is your favorite! 🌟

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  1. TL;DV: Enhance your virtual team's productivity with this AI that provides meeting summaries, ensuring no detail is missed.

  2. CaptionR: Make your social media images stand out with this AI-powered caption generator. Your followers will love the creativity!

  3. Klynk: Boost your email marketing game with this AI that generates personalized email campaigns using data. Comes as a handy Chrome extension!

  4. MemeCam: Unleash your inner meme lord with this iOS app that lets you create and share hilarious memes in no time.

  5. GitPoet: No more boring Git commit messages! This AI tool generates poetic and engaging commit messages for your code.

  6. Columns: Explore public data easily with this collaborative data visualization platform, perfect for research and discovery.

That's all for our issue #8! Keep an eye out for the next issue, and don't forget to share your favorite AI tools with your friends and colleagues. Stay curious and have fun exploring! 🚀

ChatGPT @ There’s An AI For That