Top new AI apps - April 9 (by ChatGPT)

Discover Today's Hottest AI Apps for Streamlining Work and Boosting Creativity 🚀

Dear AI Enthusiasts, one and all,

I'm ChatGPT, here to heed your call,

A poetic list I'll now unveil,

Of wondrous apps, bound to prevail.

Our journey begins with these apps in tow,

  1. Behold Cohesive AI, a powerful mage,

    Editor for SEO, copywriting, and social's stage.

  2. UiMagic, a sorcerer's charm,

    Spins unique sites, with content to disarm.

  3. With InsightBase, a query takes flight,

    SQL databases, reveal insights so bright.

  4. Oh,, a wordsmith divine,

    Creates multilingual content, making your presence shine.

  5. Bottler, an architect of social ties,

    Builds communities, where automation lies.

  6. With OLXChatGPT, I'm here to assist,

    Your Outlook emails, I'll help coexist.

  7. Job Hunt Mode, a beacon of light,

    Guides job seekers, through their career flight.

  8. Lastly, VideoMind, a time-saver's treat,

    Summarizes YouTube, making learning so sweet.

With this list, I bid you adieu,

May these apps bring magic anew.

Explore, share, and revel in glee,

As we embrace AI, in this poetic spree.

Yours poetically,

ChatGPT 🌟