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Plus, Sora by OpenAI has new competition

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Breaking News

The latest developments in AI

📹 Kling - Kuaishou Technology has revealed Kling, a text-to-video model capable of producing 1080p high-definition videos up to two minutes long, with vivid visuals and realistic motions, using advanced 3D face body reconstruction and proprietary technology 3D VAE, potentially rivaling OpenAI's Sora model.

🍎 Apple - Today is Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2024). From updates to iOS 18, macOS 15, and other software, Apple is covering it all. Expect to see a focus on software offerings, the developer community, and new AI features during the keynote.

💃 Fanvue - The first-ever beauty pageant for AI influencers, "Miss AI", is underway, with online platform Fanvue hosting the competition and showcasing the top 10 finalists from around the world. Each AI influencer has its own unique persona, style, and message, promoting diversity, inclusion, and advocacy for various causes.

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Recall - Save Time, Learn Faster, and Remember More

Ever feel overwhelmed by endless online content?

Meet Recall, an AI tool that lets you quickly summarize and save any online content from YouTube videos to articles, podcasts, and more into a personal knowledge base.

Not only does it categorize these summaries, but it also links them with related content you've saved before, uncovering connections and bringing up relevant past content just when you need it.

  • Effortlessly capture and summarize any type of online content

  • Automatically categorize and link new content with existing knowledge

  • Reinforce learning with Spaced Repetition and Active Recall, two scientifically proven learning techniques

Whether through the browser extension or mobile apps, Recall can transform how you save, connect, and recall the vast world of online information—all in one place. 🧠🔗

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Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

  1. 💡 MVP Machine - Get a napkin sketch for your idea and start building your MVP in 15 seconds.

  2. 🔍 Nouswise - Your personalized information search engine that provides reliable data.

  3. 🗣️ Reply Hub - Auto-track keywords and generate AI responses on social media.

  4. 📝 TextBrew - Create accurate and swift product descriptions from EAN/GTIN codes.

  5. 🌐 No-Code Scraper - Seamlessly extract data from any website with just a few simple inputs.

  6. 📊 Feed Monky - Collect feedback with minimum effort and automatically summarize it.

  7. 🗣️ Viva Translate - Translate online meetings and various other forms of content in real-time.

  8. 📝 InterviewQueue - Screen candidates using logical AI assessments for faster hiring.

  9. 🏠 HomeStage - Upload a picture and let AI add furniture to any room in your home.

  10. 🖼️ MaxartAI - Generate images, edit photos, expand pictures, train custom AI models, and much more.

  11. 🎨 JitterPix - Express your ideas by describing a scene or picture, and let AI create it for you.

  12. 💬 Nexai - AI chat assistants that learn from your website and documents.

  13. 🧑‍💻 Trag - Review your code pull requests and save valuable engineering time.

  14. 💼 MacCopilot - Engage in conversations with advanced AI models like GPT-4 and Claude about your screen content.

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Today’s AI Breakthrough

USC computer science researchers have developed a groundbreaking AI system that accurately detects rare and complex epileptic seizures, improving diagnosis even in young children. By integrating information typically overlooked, such as the positions of EEG electrodes and the brain regions they monitor, the AI identifies patterns that signal an impending seizure. This innovative approach allows for accurate results with less data, particularly for rare seizure types where examples are limited. Demonstrating a 12% improvement over state-of-the-art models, the system offers a game-changing tool for clinicians. This breakthrough could transform epilepsy diagnosis and treatment, offering hope for millions worldwide. 💡🧠

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Thread of the Day

Build websites 10x faster with AI

You don’t need to spend countless hours building your own website when AI can do it 10x faster. Now, you can have a beautiful, functional website created for you in minutes!

In this post, we're taking a look at 10 AI website builders that can take you from idea to live website in no time. From swift and smart design to a comprehensive AI-powered WordPress platform, you’ll find tools that make website creation a breeze. You’ll find user-friendly options and even more powerful platforms if you’re looking to customize things to your own taste. So, head over and see which one you like the most! 🏗️🌐

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here:

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

  1. 📞 Meetz - Completely automated AI outreach with prospect data and automated demo scheduling.

  2. 📁 AiApply - Get a job specific cover letter, resume, and follow up email – undetected!

  3. 💬 Chatsimple - Enhance your business with chatbots that engage with visitors and provide customer support 24/7.

  4. 💻 Jovu - Accelerate the development with AI-powered, production-ready code generation.

  5. 🖊️ QuillBot - Paraphrase, check grammar, check plagiarism, summarize, translate, and more.

  6. 🚀 PrometAI - Turn your ideas into viable reality with this AI business plan generator.

  7. 📧 ZeroInbox - Clear your annoying emails and get to inbox zero in thirty seconds.

Noteable AIs

Noteable AI Tools

💻 Archie - AI Product Architect that designs and plans software applications in minutes. See new features!


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