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Welcome to your midweek issue of “There's An AI For That”! Wednesday has arrived (any wins to share?), and we're here to sprinkle some AI inspiration into your day. So, prep your favorite midweek treat, and let’s explore some interesting new developments in AI. 🌞

Breaking News

The latest developments in AI

NVIDIA - The company just unveiled new advancements in humanoid robotics at GTC 2024, including Project Groot for robot learning through human observation, Isaac Lab for training robots in simulation, and Osmo for coordinating AI workflows.

OpenAI - Sam Altman said their upcoming GPT-5 model, expected to launch around mid-2024, will be significantly better than GPT-4 and may include AI "agents" of performing real-world tasks and briefly mentioned the limitations of GPT-4 compared to future versions.

RFdiffusion - Researchers have used this AI system to design completely new antibodies from scratch for the first time, potentially opening up new avenues for developing therapeutic antibodies against challenging drug targets.

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Taplio - Leverage AI to grow on LinkedIn

Navigating the world of LinkedIn can feel like a maze, but what if there was a tool designed to help you master it? That’s where Taplio comes in! It’s a platform specifically designed for anyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn presence.

What you get:

  • Advanced Scheduling: One-click scheduling and automations.

  • High-Performing Content: Leverage AI to create top posts and carousels.

  • In-Depth Analytics: Understand what’s working and what can be improved.

  • Find Leads and Expand Your Network: Access millions of leads with relevant filters.

Taplio isn’t only about getting more connections, it’s about smart strategies for growing your brand, engaging effectively, and unlocking opportunities you didn’t know existed. 📈💡

Your Research, Simplified

Today’s Spotlight: AnswerThis

AnswerThis is an AI tool that streamlines the research process for academics and curious minds alike by analyzing data from over 200 million sources. It not only fetches relevant papers but also comprehends them, providing concise summaries, paragraph-by-paragraph citations, and answers.

AnswerThis is great for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of a topic without getting overwhelmed by the volume of information available. It's a tool designed to simplify the pursuit of knowledge, whether for academic purposes or personal interest. 📚🧠

Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 🧾 HireFlow - Improve your job application success with an AI-driven CV Checker.

  2. 💬 Name Drop AI - Capture leads from social media conversations.

  3. 📝 Brand24 - Instant access to social media insights and mentions.

  4. 📬 ReplyInbox - Boost your productivity with AI email management.

  5. ✈️ Roamify - Plan your next trip with the help of AI.

  6. 📖 AnswerThis - Streamline your studies with comprehensive summaries from verified sources.

  7. 🎓 Quotid - Improve your language skills with one AI lesson a day.

  8. 🏢 SalesCred - Build sales credibility and accelerate trust.

  9. 🤖 Gees - Brainstorm, design, and hand-off in one file.

  10. 🦜 Codemia - Enhance your system design skills with AI guidance.

  11. 🏠 Daily Portfolio Updates - Receive daily AI portfolio updates over the phone.

  12. 🏥 Health Insurance AI - Decipher complex insurance policies to see your real coverage.

  13. ✍️ MyVoice - Your personal speech assistant on the go.

  14. 🎨 Inkify - Transform your skin into an AI masterpiece.

  15. 🖼️ StockImagery - Generate hyper-realistic AI images without fees.

TAAFT AI Tool Requests

Top 3 most-voted requests (last 3 days)

Looking for a specific AI tool?

Post a request and chances are someone will help you find it or, if it gathers enough votes, someone might create it. 🔍🛠️

Thread of the Day

10 websites to find remote jobs

Browsing Fiverr and Upwork can sometimes feel like a never-ending loop without much progress. If you're in search of a remote job, there's a whole world out there beyond these common platforms.

We've gathered a list of 10 websites where you can find remote work tailored to a variety of skills and professions. Whether you're into tech, writing, design, or anything in-between, these sites are about connecting you with opportunities that match your talent. 🌐🔍

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here:

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📈 FounderPal - Generated marketing strategies for solopreneurs.

  2. 📞 Caffeinated CX - Automate support for efficient customer response.

  3. 🎓 Mindsmith - Build and share your eLearning content.

  4. 📑 Recall AI - Summarize anything, forget Nothing.

  5. 💼 Venturekit - Business plan generation and consulting services.

  6. 🛠️ - Build your client-ready website using AI.

  7. 📰 Listen2.AI - Stay informed and engaged with credible real-time news.

Notable AIs

Notable AI Tools

🔍 Osum - Perform deep market research in seconds: Try now (Use checkout code TAAFT for lifetime 25% off)


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