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Happy Wednesday from “There’s An AI For That”! As you gear up for the second half of the week, take a moment to relax, put on your curiosity cap, and let’s explore the latest in AI tools to make the rest of your week much better. 🌞

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BHuman - Send personalized videos at scale

Meet BHuman, an AI tool that's transforming how businesses reach out to their customers through video. This innovative platform allows for the creation of personalized videos that resonate on a human level, suitable for a wide array of sectors such as eCommerce, automotive, and more.

With BHuman, producing and distributing thousands of customized videos only takes a few minutes. It offers a straightforward way to link data and tailor video content for individual viewers, enhancing everything from marketing campaigns to customer service efforts. Beyond just a tool for boosting numbers, BHuman provides a new avenue for businesses to communicate authentically and effectively with their audience. 🎥🤖

Speech-Driven Content Creation

Today’s Spotlight: Rimo

Rimo is changing content creation by transforming spoken words into articles with minimal effort. It's designed to simplify the entire content creation journey, starting from planning right through to publishing. With Rimo, you start by planning your content using AI-generated questions, and then it takes care of conducting, transcribing, and summarizing your conversations.

It doesn't stop there; Rimo also helps in drafting the initial structure of your articles and offers editing tools to refine your content, including features like filler word removal and simple export options. Whether you're looking to share insights on business trends or the latest AI developments, Rimo can make the process of crafting articles more streamlined and less time-consuming. 🗣️✍️

Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. ✍️ Rimo - Transform your spoken words into polished articles.

  2. 🗣️ Dola - Handle your personal and group calendars with a conversational AI pal.

  3. 🎧 ResuAudio - Breeze through your reading list with audio summaries.

  4. 📄 SignEasyNow - Power your startup with digital agreements.

  5. 💼 Chaterimo - Elevate customer care to a whole new level, 24/7.

  6. 📚 Joia - Spark team collaboration with this ChatGPT alternative.

  7. 🖼️ Graphix AI - Create artistically striking photos and avatars.

  8. 💰 Go Boldly - Boost financial decisions with AI-powered learning.

  9. 🗣️ Celebrity AI Voice - Clone anyone’s voice in real-time.

  10. 🍽️ Healthy Menu with AI GPT - Personalize your meal plans and recipes.

  11. 🎥 Ask on Video - Get the answer to every "what's that?" in your videos.

  12. 💻 Front Maker - Build websites faster and with better design.

  13. 💬 Aidely - Get answers from multiple AI models simultaneously.

  14. 📖 AI Humanizer - Transform AI text into human language.

Thread of the Day

Cybersecurity Certifications to pursue in 2024

If you've ever been curious about diving into the world of cybersecurity, you're eyeing one of the IT industry's most rewarding fields. But the barriers to entering this field can seem daunting. Here's some good news: the landscape is changing, and it's now possible to pursue cybersecurity certifications in 2024 without opening your wallet.

This thread is full of information, pointing you towards courses, study materials, and resources that can set you on the path to becoming certified. Whether you're a complete novice or looking to upgrade your skills, start exploring how you can navigate the journey towards achieving your cybersecurity certifications, unlocking new career opportunities, and enhancing your professional value, all at no cost. 🔒💻

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here:

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 🎥 BHuman - Personalize your marketing videos and connect at scale.

  2. 💪 Hyperficient - Get science-based workouts and education for building muscle efficiently.

  3. 🎧 Transcript LOL - Transcribe and summarize podcasts, videos, and meetings.

  4. 🔍 Flowpoint - Optimize website conversions through web analytics.

  5. 📞 Agent4 - Personalize customer support with a voice agent.

  6. 💬 Caffeinated CX - Put your customer support on autopilot.

  7. 💻 BoltAI - Automate tasks with this powerful macOS assistant.


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