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Plus, Musk wants to turn Tesla's fleet into AWS for AI

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Breaking News

The latest developments in AI

🚗 Tesla - Elon Musk proposes transforming Tesla's idle fleet into a distributed computing network similar to AWS for running AI models, though experts question the feasibility due to issues like power costs and connectivity.

🧠 Microsoft - Microsoft unveils Phi-3 Mini, the smallest in its new series of AI models designed for efficiency and lower compute costs, capable of performing complex AI tasks similar to much larger models.

📸 Adobe - Adobe has released Firefly Image 3, enhancing its suite of design applications with new AI-driven tools for creating photorealistic images and streamlining professional workflows in graphic design.

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Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 👷‍♂️ Archie AI - The AI Product Architect that turns your ideas into working software applications.

  2. 📄 Bange - Create resumes and cover letters in minutes.

  3. 👨‍💼 Interview with AI - Land your dream job with crafted responses.

  4. 🏢 StartKit - Kick-start your AI startup with boilerplate code.

  5. 📬 Feedbuck AI - Improve with your own AI feedback widget.

  6. 🤳 Pixu - Create authentic photos with your face in a snap.

  7. 🌍 TripBudget - Plan your next trip with this AI travel budget planner.

  8. 📚 TextMine - Make document management easier with an AI-powered knowledge base.

  9. 🤝 Brandblast - Navigate your social media with smart, automated content creation.

  10. 🎨 Gulf Picasso - Generate AI images with advanced AI.

  11. 🧠 Complexity - Bring the world’s knowledge to your fingertips.

  12. 🍔 Meal Genius App - Plan your meals with the power of AI.

  13. 🏡 Eureka - Find the centerpiece of your home.

  14. 💼 Slidey - Forget the hassle with this presentation maker app.

  15. 🔍 DeepGaze - Lead generation by monitoring Reddit in Discord.

Today’s AI Breakthrough

Profluent has successfully edited DNA in human cells using OpenCRISPR-1, the world’s first AI-designed and open-source gene editor, marking a significant breakthrough in precision human genome editing and democratizing access to advanced gene therapies. 🧬✂️

Thread of the Day

Make your phone smarter with AI

Think your phone is just for calls and texts? Think again!

We’re diving into 7 ways you can start using AI on your phone, including access to GPT-4-Turbo without having to get a ChatGPT subscription. From organizing your day to transforming the way you communicate, these AI tools will elevate your smartphone experience! 🤖📱

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here:

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

  1. 🎨 AI Product Design by Pietra - Dream, design, and manufacture products for your brand using AI.

  2. 🕵️‍♂️ Askpot - Analyze your competition’s landing pages.

  3. 📝 Aiter - Generate ads, content, strategies, and solve more than fifty marketing tasks.

  4. 📈 PrometAI - Turn ideas into viable reality with this AI business plan generator.

  5. Thunderbit - Build your own AI tools with no coding knowledge.

  6. 📄 ApplicantAI - Automate job application creation.

  7. 🔊 Transcript LOL - Fast, accurate transcripts and summaries.

Notable AIs

Notable AI Tools

🥬 - The AI Project Manager that takes accurate AI meeting notes, captures action items, and updates your project board.


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