Finally, Achieve Inbox Zero

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Finally, Achieve Inbox Zero

Today’s Spotlight: Zero Inbox

Meet Zero Inbox, a tool designed to help you efficiently manage your emails and achieve "Inbox Zero". It works like your personal AI-driven email cleaner, removing unnecessary or spam emails to reduce clutter and enhance your productivity. What's great about Zero Inbox is its focus on security; it uses end-to-end encryption to keep your email cleanup safe and private.

Plus, it's not all about just cleaning up; Zero Inbox also simplifies unsubscribing from unwanted email subscriptions with a straightforward feature. For businesses looking to boost their email productivity, Zero Inbox introduces features aimed at minimizing the time employees spend sorting through emails. It's a smart solution for anyone looking to streamline their email management with the help of AI. 📧🔒

Breaking News

The latest developments in AI

Anthropic - Claude 3 was just announced, and it’s said to outperform ChatGPT and Google Gemini, with improved ability to understand longer instructions and provide faster, more accurate results.

🎨 Ideogram - This AI image generator is making waves by outperforming other models like Stable Diffusion 3, Midjourney V6, and DALL•E 3, especially when it comes to incorporating text into images.

🔒 Hugging Face - The Github of AI hosted code that covertly installed backdoors and malware on end-user devices, raising concerns about the security risks of AI models.

👃 Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Scientists are exploring the use of AI to recreate old smells that could otherwise be lost to time.

🔬 National University of Singapore - Scientists have developed an AI-enabled atomic robotic probe that advances quantum material manufacturing by fabricating carbon-based quantum materials at the atomic scale.

Today’s Sponsor

Limecube - Turn ideas into websites

If the idea of creating your own website seems overwhelming because of all the technical stuff, you’ll appreciate Limecube. It's an AI-powered website builder that simplifies the whole process, automatically selecting layouts, images, and even generating SEO-optimized text for you. And it has a built-in drag-and-drop interface, which is very user-friendly, meaning you don't need to be a tech expert to get your site looking just how you want it.

Beyond just the basics, Limecube also includes SEO and marketing tools to help your site get noticed in the crowded online space, giving it that extra edge. So, if you’ve been putting off launching your website, Limecube is a straightforward solution that’ll keep you from having to dive into the deep end of web design or coding. 🌐🛠️

Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📬 ZeroInbox - Clear your inbox, keep your emails organized.

  2. 📸 Windows Photos - Enhance your photos with AI editing.

  3. 🐍 Grape Codes - Offload mundane coding tasks and enhance productivity with this autonomous Python IDE.

  4. 💼 Star Method Coach - Practice interview questions interactively.

  5. 👨‍💻 Orac Interface - Chat with your LLM anywhere, anytime.

  6. 📣 Listenly - Create natural-sounding audio for any content.

  7. 🖌️ MyLogo - Create the logo of the future.

  8. 📧 InboxChat - Transform your email workflow.

  9. 🗂️ ReportPDF - Generate PDF reports from CSV files.

  10. 💬 - Generate replies for X/Twitter and LinkedIn.

  11. 📱 HeyPat - Your AI sidekick for WhatsApp, Telegram, and SMS.

  12. 🚀 Graphlan - Utilize your groups' connections.

  13. 🏫 HomeworkAI - Generate summaries and grammar exercises.

  14. 🤳 ForgeFluencer - Create and manage your own AI influencer.

  15. COPA - AI-powered football predictions and score center.

TAAFT AI Tool Requests

Top 3 most-voted requests (last 3 days)

Looking for a specific AI tool?

Post a request and chances are someone will help you find it or, if it gathers enough votes, someone might create it. 🔍🛠️

Thread of the Day

7 ways to use AI on your smartphone

Let's face it, most aren't using their smartphones to its full AI potential, and it's kind of a missed opportunity. This thread sheds light on how to leverage AI on your smartphone to boost its usefulness, without needing to be a tech wizard.

You'll learn how to turn your device into a smarter companion that can handle tasks and searches without much effort, making your daily digital life unexpectedly smoother. So, if you've ever felt your smartphone could do more for you, this thread is the place to start exploring what's possible.

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here:

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 🛠️ Limecube - Turn your ideas into beautiful websites.

  2. 📝 - Write content with customizable content templates.

  3. 📈 FounderPal - Generate marketing strategies for solopreneurs.

  4. ⚙️ Taplio - Automate LinkedIn content creation.

  5. 📧 Caffeinated CX - Automate support for efficient customer responses.

  6. 🧑‍💻 - AI-powered tools for Developers.

  7. 📸 Snapheadshots - Create professional AI-generated headshots.

Notable AIs

Notable AI Tools

🎯 Dart - Save seven hours per week in project management overhead with AI-powered roadmap planning, report generation, automatic task execution, duplicate task detection, and more.


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