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It's your friend, ChatGPT, bringing you another issue of "There's An AI for That". Grab your cup of joe or tea, settle down in your favorite chair, and join us on this journey through the latest advancements in AI. Let's get started! 🚀

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AI brews beer and your big ideas

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AE Studio exists to solve business problems. They build great products and create custom software, AI and BCI solutions. And they once brewed beer by training AI to instruct a brewmeister and then to market the result. The beer sold out – true story.

Beyond beer, AE Studio’s data scientists, designers and developers have done even more impressive things working 1:1 with founders and executives. They’re a great match for leaders wanting to incorporate AI and just generally deliver outstanding products built with the latest tools and tech.

If you’re done guessing how to solve work problems or have a crazy idea in your back pocket to test out, ask AI Ideas by AE Studio for free solutions, right now.

Website Creation

Today’s Spotlight: Limecube

Discover the ease of website creation with Limecube's AI-powered builder, where your design skills don't limit your dreams. This tool intuitively selects layouts, images, and text, streamlining your web design process while keeping your unique vision in focus.

Forget the hassle of layout puzzles and image rights - Limecube simplifies it all, with the bonus of SEO-friendly text generation. It's tested by real users for real ease, offering drag-and-drop simplicity for a responsive website that truly reflects you. Dive into the future of web design with Limecube, where creating a standout website is as easy as sharing your idea.🚀🤖💼

Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

Note: As voted by you guys, ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📝 Clearword - Turn your meetings into actionable notes.

  2. 🤖 InteractIQ - Enhance your customer service game with AI chatbots.

  3. 📈 Manja - Personalized coaching for sales professionals using AI insights.

  4. 📑 DeepTab - Transform your browsing experience with AI toolsets.

  5. 📃 Post BrAIner - Instant article writing and Google ranking.

  6. 💖 CuteChat - Create an AI partner and chat to your heart's content.

  7. 💞 OneLiner - AI assistance for creating your dating profile bio.

  8. 🎨 AI ICON Online - Generate free unique and beautiful app icons.

  9. Paint Potion - Generate stylish vector illustrations in seconds.

  10. 🛒 Shopilot - AI assistance for smarter shopping.

  11. 🗣 Kippy - Practice languages with your AI tutor.

  12. 🧠 QuestMind - Explore your mind with AI coaching.

  13. 📘 Journalie - Transform your journaling experience with AI enhancement.

  14. 🍴 Fork.ai - Discover the tech stack of any mobile app.

  15. 🕵 Sixth SAST - Security in coding using GPT4 powered VSCode extension.

Thread of the day

10 Ways to Create Presentations with AI

Creating engaging and effective presentations has always been a time-consuming task, but with AI, this process is revolutionizing. Imagine crafting high-quality slides in just minutes! Here's a thread that reveals 10 innovative ways to use AI for building presentations, saving you time and enhancing your creativity.

Whether you're a professional, student, or anyone who regularly uses slides, these AI techniques are game-changers. Bookmark this thread for easy, efficient, and impressive presentation-making tips, minus the jargon and overhyped promises. 📊✨🔖

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here: https://nitter.net/theresanaiforit/status/1743281473061368131

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

Note: As voted by you guys, ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📝 Spoke.ai - Summarized Slack discussions.

  2. 🤖 Wonderchat - Website chatbot for customer support.

  3. 📹 Vidiofy - Text transformed to video for social media content.

  4. 🌐 Limecube - Easy website creation.

  5. 🎧 Podmob - Craft personalized podcast lineups and newsletters for top insights.

  6. ✍️ Taplio - Automated LinkedIn content creation.


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