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The latest developments in AI

🦋 Butterflies - A former Snap engineer has launched Butterflies, a social network where humans and AI personas co-exist. Each AI personality, called a Butterfly, has a profile page with a bio, profile image, and AI-generated images. Users can interact with Butterfly accounts, liking and sharing content, and even discover brands through the app.

🎵 Google Deepmind - Google DeepMind has unveiled a new AI tool that generates soundtracks for videos using video pixels, and text prompts. The tool can automatically match sounds to the appropriate scenes, and users can create an unlimited number of soundtracks for a single video. The AI system was trained on video, audio, and annotations containing detailed descriptions of sounds and transcripts of spoken dialogue.

🔍 Genspark - Genspark, a new AI-powered search engine, has been launched, aiming to compete with existing players like Perplexity. The platform uses generative AI to create custom summaries for search queries, providing users with a single-page overview of relevant information. The platform is designed to filter out low-quality information and provide users with a comprehensive and accurate overview of their search topics.

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Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

  1. 💪 Thryve - Receive personalized well-being guidance and support with your always available AI companion.

  2. 📹 VidAU - Generate high-quality videos with tools for avatars, face swapping, translation, and more.

  3. 🎓 COACH - Explore careers, identify needed skills, and develop your personalized career game plan.

  4. 📄 AI Resume Writer - Transform your resume into a polished, professionally structured document.

  5. 🚗 MechanicBotAI - Diagnose car problems by entering your car’s details, explaining the issue, and validating the diagnosis.

  6. 💬 Komensa - Navigate tough conversations with ease using Nonviolent Communication and message translation.

  7. 📝 Humanize AI Text - Refine and enhance AI content making it more human-like in its readability.

  8. 📃 ResumeWiz - Create a professional resume with a modern template and expert guidance.

  9. 💼 Reppls - Streamline your hiring process with AI interview agents, optimizing candidate screening and assessment.

  10. 📘 Swift AI Writer - Craft fiction, non-fiction, storybooks, and quotes with AI-driven writing assistance.

  11. 📈 Fintwit - Get stock market insights, recommendations, and analysis for informed investment decisions.

  12. 📸 AI Sticker - Transform any face photo into a unique custom sticker with AI-powered customization.

  13. 💉 - Generate unique tattoo designs with a vast library of templates and customization options.

  14. 🖼 MovieAIPoster - Make your own custom movie posters without needing any design skills.

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Today’s AI Breakthrough

Researchers have achieved a groundbreaking feat in understanding AI models, enabling them to "see" into an AI's mind and even edit its thoughts. This innovation could be crucial for the survival of humanity, as it allows for a deeper understanding of how AI models think and behave. The breakthrough involves identifying and manipulating the ideas and concepts within an AI's "brain," enabling researchers to detect and alter biases, correct mistakes, and even assign new tasks. This technology has far-reaching implications for AI development, deployment, and safety. 🛠️🧠

Thread of the Day

Enhance your ChatGPT prompts

Want to enhance your ChatGPT prompts? Researchers from the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence have developed 26 prompt principles to refine and improve the responses you get from ChatGPT.

If you’re looking to maximize your use of ChatGPT, then this post will help you out! See how politeness, expertise, and the art of simplification can transform your interactions with AI. These guidelines are backed by research to ensure you're getting the most out of ChatGPT. So, try them out and start getting better responses today! ⚙️🤖

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here:

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

  1. 🎯 mentor - Achieve your goals with a personalized assistant that breaks down complex objectives into manageable tasks.

  2. 💡 QuillBot - Write more efficiently with a suite of AI-powered tools, improving fluency, grammar, and tone.

  3. 📝 - Write high-quality essays quickly with this research and writing assistant.

  4. 📸 X Headshot - Turn your selfies into professional business AI headshots with customizable styles and variations.

  5. 🤝 DigitalGenius - Automate customer service with a conversational AI platform for ecommerce.


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