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Plus, China develops world's first AI commander

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Happy Monday! As you start another week and leave the weekend behind, There’s An AI For That is back to help you kick things off on the right foot. So, grab your favorite snack and let’s dive into the latest AI insights that could make your week more productive than ever before! 🦾

Breaking News

The latest developments in AI

🪖 China - China has developed the world's first AI commander, designed to command large-scale computer war games to train for war. The "virtual commander" is created to mimic human-like thought patterns, personality traits, and even flaws, and is intended to reduce the risk of human error in military decision-making.

🍔 McDonald’s - McDonald's is ending its test of AI-powered chatbots for drive-thru ordering at over 100 restaurants. The company had partnered with IBM in 2021 to test the tech, but it's unclear why the program is being shut down. McDonald's may consider alternative AI partners, including Google, with whom it announced a vague deal in December.

📸 TikTok - TikTok has announced that it's introducing generative AI avatars of creators and stock actors for branded content and ads on its platform. The new "Custom Avatars" are designed to represent a wide range of ages, ethnicity, and styles, allowing advertisers to create more diverse and inclusive content.

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Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

  1. 🎨 Motiff - Design faster and smarter with AI-powered tools, collaboration, and development in one platform.

  2. 🎬 Bleep Censor AI - Say goodbye to video censorship with AI-powered profanity removal.

  3. 💡CustomGPT - Get accurate GPT-4 answers from all of your content—without making up facts.

  4. 🗣 Befluent.ai - Achieve English fluency with a personalized AI tutor, practicing minutes a day.

  5. 📲 Robopost AI - Generate post ideas and create engaging content with a specific tone.

  6. 📸 Restylar - Turn your photos into unique artistic creations with AI-powered personalization and styling.

  7. 🎶 Soundify - Generate unique AI sound effects from text descriptions, and download the audio.

  8. 📚 docbot – Talk to your documents, asking questions and sharing knowledge with others on-the-go.

  9. 🎙 Millis AI - Create cutting-edge voice agents in minutes with instant, natural, and affordable voice AI technology.

  10. 🎓 Baani AI - Get personalized university matches with AI-driven results based on your preferences.

  11. 📑 Zycus - Streamline intake processes with AI-powered intake management software.

  12. 💻 Wasps - Identify and fix code issues in minutes with AI-powered code review in your IDE.

  13. 🖍 myDoodl – Create unique custom apparel and posters with AI-powered design creativity.

  14. 💘 Rizz Baby - Elevate your social interactions with personalized AI-generated responses and icebreakers.

  15. 💹 Quanty - Unlock AI-driven market insights on crypto and stocks news using knowledge graphs.

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Today’s AI Breakthrough

Engineers at the University of Southern California (USC) have developed a GPS-like smart pill that can track its location inside the body using AI-enabled ingestible and wearable electronics. The pill can detect gases associated with gastritis and gastric cancers, and provides real-time location tracking. The device has been tested in various environments, including liquid and simulated bovine intestines, and has the potential to monitor brain health through the brain-gut axis. The next step is to test the device on swine models, with the ultimate goal of developing non-invasive ways to detect neurotransmitters related to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. 💊🤖

Thread of the Day

Midjourney isn’t your only option

Midjourney is great, but it's not your only choice. As you probably know, the AI image generator landscape is huge, with many different options. And, each one has its own unique strengths and use cases that might make it a better fit for you, depending on your specific needs and goals.

In this thread, we'll explore 7 of these alternative AI image generators, highlighting their best features and what sets them apart from the rest. Whether you're a designer, artist, or simply looking to create beautiful images, you should at least try each of these generators out. Go ahead and take a look to decide which one resonates with you the most, and see how it can elevate your creativity. 🖼️🚀

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here: https://taaft.notion.site/Midjourney-isn-t-your-only-option-8652192b992b4e3ebfed82ee38693774

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

  1. 📆 Postlyy - Level up your content game with content management and AI-powered content creation on X and LinkedIn.

  2. ✍️ RightBlogger - Craft high-quality content faster with 75+ tools for research, writing, and optimization.

  3. 🎓 IllumiDesk - Build interactive courses using AI-powered creation, collaboration, and customization tools.

  4. 🐶 UXSniff - Find your website’s hidden gems with AI UX analytics, session recordings, and heatmaps.

  5. 📚 PDF Flex - Get instant answers and content summaries from your PDFs using AI.

  6. 🖥️ SEOJuice - Automate internal linking and boost your website's SEO with AI-driven linking and keyword analysis.

  7. 📄 ApplicantAI - Track job applicants and automate pre-screening to find top talent in seconds.


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