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Plus, Microsoft prepares to battle OpenAI

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It’s Monday and There’s An AI For That is back with a brand new issue to kick your week off on the right foot. Now that the weekend is out of the way (do anything exciting?), let’s dive right into the latest happenings in AI! 🦾

Breaking News

The latest developments in AI

💻 Microsoft - The Information reports that Microsoft is training a new, in-house AI language model, referred to as MAI-1, which is expected to compete with those from Alphabet's Google and OpenAI, with a size of roughly 500 billion parameters.

📹 YouTube - YouTube Premium members can now test the AI-powered "Jump ahead" feature, which uses watch data and AI to identify the next point in a video and allows users to skip ahead to that point.

💼 Stack Overflow - Stack Overflow has signed a deal with OpenAI to supply data to its models, which will improve OpenAI's performance on programming-related tasks, and will also introduce new generative AI integrations to the Stack Overflow platform by the end of June.

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Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📍 Yelp Assistant - Connect with great local businesses.

  2. ✉️ MailGenerator - Amplify your email creation efficiency.

  3. 🌍 Lingolette - Chat away in a new language with AI guidance.

  4. 🛍️ Exeller - Set up a store in minutes and start collecting payments.

  5. 👥 VSona - Give a personal touch to your interactions with AI companions.

  6. 📹 Rhea - Turn text into attractive short-form videos.

  7. 💬 WitChat - Enhance your conversational power with next-gen tools.

  8. 🎨 Aflow - Enhanced creativity and productivity for artists and creatives.

  9. 📚 DocsHound - Reinvent your knowledge base software.

  10. 🎥 Revid - Make viral AI videos in a snap.

  11. 🛏️ Puurl - Unify hotel reviews in one place.

  12. 🤖 Eva AI - Say hello to Eva, your AI friend.

  13. 🎨 Genesis AI Studio - Transform videos and photos into AI art.

  14. 🧩 Vectorize - Turn your unstructured data into optimized vector search indexes.

  15. 🚀 Odyssey - Create art, get work done, and automate repetitive tasks.

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Mind-Blowing AI of the Day

Synthesia has unveiled Expressive Avatars, the world's first avatars fully generated with AI, which can create astonishingly naturalistic and human-like performances. This fourth-generation avatar technology uses the EXPRESS-1 model to predict every movement and facial expression in real-time, setting a new standard in the industry. 💻👥

Thread of the Day

Learn AI this year

Imagine learning AI from the giants like Google and Microsoft - all without having to spend anything. In this thread, we introduce 8 AI courses that’ll help you learn AI this year.

Whether you're looking to polish your skills or starting from scratch, these courses are an opportunity to broaden your horizons. We're talking about real, actionable insights that could shape your future in tech. So, dive in and see where this knowledge can take you! 🧠💡

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here:

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

  1. 🤖 CleeAI - Ask Anything, Trust Everything.

  2. 🎓 Mindsmith - Build and share your eLearning content.

  3. 🤖 Thunderbit - Deploy AI apps and automations fast with no-code.

  4. UXSniff - Website insights for improved user experience.

  5. 💬 Chatsimple - Website chatbots for support and sales assistance.

  6. 📧 Caffeinated CX - Automate support for efficient customer response.

  7. 💬 BoltAI - A macOS assistant for automating tasks.


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