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Friday has arrived! The weekend's on the horizon, and “There's An AI For That” is ready to help you slide into relaxation mode (got any weekend adventures lined up?). Whatever your vibe, let's start by diving into the latest AI tools designed to elevate your weekend and beyond. 🌞

AI-Driven Survey Insights

Today’s Spotlight: FeedAIback

FeedAIback is making customer feedback collection easier with its AI-powered platform that crafts dynamic, personalized conversations in real-time. It's smart, using AI algorithms to tweak its questions based on what respondents have already shared, leading to a richer understanding of customer experiences. This approach opts for conversations that adapt and evolve, revealing deeper insights.

Its best feature is the actionable analysis it provides, helping businesses make informed decisions. And with support for multiple languages, it dives into the emotional nuances behind every response. But it's not just for customer feedback; it's equally effective for employee surveys and market research, making data collection less of a chore and more of a dialogue. For those seeking to cut down on the time it takes to gather and interpret feedback, FeedAIback could be your answer. 🗣️💡

Breaking News

The latest developments in AI

🎮 Google - Genie is the latest AI release from Google allowing users to create playable virtual worlds resembling video games from images and text prompts.

📸 Alibaba - Emote Portrait Alive is Alibaba’s latest development that's shockingly good at turning still images into passable actors and singers.

💻 Microsoft - An update for Windows 11 just landed bringing Copilot enhancements, improved widgets, snap layouts, and a slew of other useful features.

🎶 Adobe - Adobe’s AI-powered Project Music GenAI Control system creates customized music for promotional videos, addressing concerns about its impact on music creatives and potential copyright issues.

🤖 Figure - This robotics startup just received a $675M investment round from industry giants like Microsoft, NVIDIA, Jeff Bezos himself, and more. If that wasn’t already a huge announcement, they’ve also partnered with OpenAI.

Today’s Sponsor

Mindsmith - Create eLearning content

Meet Mindsmith, the future of eLearning creation powered by AI. It streamlines the development of custom eLearning content, incorporating context directly from documents throughout the lesson creation process. The result is a tool that simplifies content creation and enriches it with deep learning elements.

What sets Mindsmith apart is how it handles content sharing: dynamic SCORM packages enable robust language support, lessons auto-update across learning management systems with any change, and everything loads in seconds. Plus, you have flexible sharing options like links, QR codes, SMS, email, or embed codes, ensuring your lessons reach your audience in the most efficient way. It’s about bringing deep, impactful learning to the forefront of your organization. 🧠📚

Coming in Hot

AI Tools of the week

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📊 FeedAIback - Discover customer insights, with AI-powered conversations.

  2. 📚 ButterReader - Transform blog texts into compelling audios.

  3. 🎥 Summarize - Succinctly summarize YouTube videos.

  4. 🎙️ Interview Assistant - Nail your interviews with an AI-powered assistant.

  5. 💼 Qualcomm AI Hub - Explore fully optimized and ready-to-deploy AI models.

  6. 📱 Promptmate - Build customized apps based on leading AI systems.

  7. 📩 Muse - AI Cover Letters - Create cover letters quickly.

  8. 👨‍💻 Ellipsis - Improve your software development skills.

  9. 🌐 NonprofitAMA - Solve your nonprofit questions with an AI expert.

  10. 🖼️ PicNotes - Turn your images into summarized text with ease.

  11. 🎨 Empty Canvas - Beginner-friendly anime art creation.

  12. 📜 TryNectar - Step into the world of virtual companionship.

  13. 💍 LunaLust - Craft and interact with your own AI girlfriend.

  14. 🗣️ WhisperWizard - Turn speech to text without the hassle for macOS users.

  15. 💬 RecurseChat - Experience personal chats with next gen AI.

  16. 📖 PDFToMP3 - Sit back and listen to your PDFs in MP3 format.

  17. 🏗️ SitesGPT - Build SEO-optimized websites at light speed.

TAAFT AI Tool Requests

Top 3 most-voted requests (last 3 days)

Looking for a specific AI tool?

Post a request and chances are someone will help you find it or, if it gathers enough votes, someone might create it. 🔍🛠️

Thread of the Day

Set ChatGPT as your smartphone’s voice assistant

Move over Siri and Google Assistant, we're going to show you how to set up ChatGPT as your smartphone’s voice assistant, elevating your daily tech experience to unprecedented heights.

This thread walks you through the step-by-step process to getting ChatGPT running on your device, bringing a level of customization and intelligence that's hard to beat. Think of it as upgrading your smartphone with one of the smartest AI models available, ready to help with everything from your schedule to internet searches. If you've been looking for a way to take your smartphone's AI capabilities to the next level, this is the thread you don't want to miss. 📱✨

If you don’t have an account on X, you can still view this thread here:

Featured AIs

Featured AI Tools

Note: ChatGPT was asked to highlight its favorite tool from the list.

  1. 📚 Mindsmith - Create and share eLearning content on this platform.

  2. 🤖 Beeyond AI - Your sidekick for productivity.

  3. 🍷 GrapeGPT - Personalized, AI wine recommendations.

  4. 🗣️ Unreal Speech - Transform text-to-speech in seconds.

  5. 🏋️‍♂️ IX Coach - Interdisciplinary coaching for growth.

  6. 💼 PitchPower - Generate and personalize proposals for consultants.

  7. 👩‍💼 Osum - Perform deep market research in seconds.


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