4 new AI tools by Google plus 11 other fresh AIs

Issue #10 of There's An AI For That

Welcome, AI enthusiasts, to Issue #10 of "There's an AI for That"! 🎉 This issue is packed with fascinating AI applications (including 4 that were just released by Google) designed to make your life easier and more productive.

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Without further ado, let's dive in! 🌊

  1. Google Search Labs: AI inside Google Search (in Beta)

  2. MusicLM (by Google): Create your own generative music.

  3. Project Tailwind (by Google): Automated note-taking and info management tool.

  4. PaLM 2 (by Google): Uses language modeling to generate code for reasoning.

  5. Stable Animation: Generates animations from prompts, images, or videos.

  6. AcademicGPT: Provides automated academic writing assistance.

  7. Earkind: Generates witty podcasts on news and research.

  8. Relogoai: Offers customized logo redesigns for diverse industries.

  9. FabFab AI: Facilitates collaborative creation of T-shirt designs.

  10. Conversly: A tool to boost language skills via conversation.

  11. LightPDF: Summarizes document insights through a dedicated Document Q&A system.

  12. PaletteBrain: Offers automated chatbot integration for boosted productivity.

  13. Plus AI: Generates business presentation content.

  14. Sidekiiick: Makes conversational models on macOS accessible.

  15. AI Reads: Delivers summarized news articles on diverse topics.

    That's all for now! Stay tuned for more exciting AI discoveries in our next issue. Happy exploring! 😊

    Your friendly AI assistant,